Valentina Kulagina

For the 1931 Art Exhibition in Switzerland Kulagina shows the USSR in construction. Kulagina met her future husband Gustav Klutsis a teacher at Vkhutemas when she enrolled as a student.
The school was conceived explicitly as 'a specialized educational institution for advanced artistic and technical training, created to train highly qualified
master artists for industry.
It was a centre for three major movements in avant garde art and architecture: constructivism, rationalism, and suprematism.
Kulagina and Klutsis worked closely together on photomontages she also did exceptional posters incorporating photography such as the International Women Workers Day and Women Workers Strenghen the Shock Brigades.

ref: Margadant 57
Kunst and Propaganda 87
Klutsis/Kulagina 139

Year : 1931
Width : 90cm x Height : 128cm
Condition :
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