Pelican Ink – an exceptionally rare work, one of only three known, relating to Lissitzky's “The Constructor” his famous photogram self portrait.
In “New Graphic Design” Eskilson refers to Lissitzky borrowing a motif from Construcivism, draining it of it's revolutionary ideology in the process. The poster employs the compass wielding hand from The Constructor now transformed from the hand of a revolutionary artist into the hand of a Western consumer.

Reference: Monuments of the future – Designs by El Lissitzky The Getty Research Institute.

Graphic Design in the Mechanical Age Merrill Berman page 120.

Plakat Kunst – Museum Fur Kunst Und Gewerbe Hamburg page 98

Graphic Design a New History – Stephen F. Eskilson pages 218 and 219

Year : 1925
Width : 44.55cm x Height : 32.5 cm
Condition : excellent condition on original backing
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