43 junge Schweizer poster by Mary Vieira 1960

The Brazilian artist Mary Vieira was a renowned graphic artist and sculptor. She only created four known posters in Europe each exceedingly rare.

She took part in individual as well as collective exhibitions in Europe, Brazil and United States, being awarded a number of important prizes for her work. Mary Vieira died in Basel in 2001.

The artist is recognized by international critics as one of kinetic art’s major representatives. In 1966, she was given the “International Marinetti Award for Plastic Research on Kinevisual Expression” on the occasion of the 20th foundation anniversary of the “Salons des Réalités Nouvelles” in Paris’s Municipal Museum of Modern Art.

By : Mary Vieira
Year : 1960
Width : 90 cm x Height : 128 cm
Condition : A
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